Serena Kerrigan’s Essentials for Effing Dating

Serena Kerrigan’s Essentials for Effing Dating

Written by: the Editors of goop


Published on: January 27, 2023


What might your life—dating life or otherwise—look like if you “did it for the plot,” infusing your perspective with both curiosity and a good-humored confidence? Serena Kerrigan’s approach—in her hugely popular Let’s Fucking Date with SFK Instagram Live and TikTok series, her live shows, and an addictive new card game by the same name—is as deeply funny as it is practical and resonant. Now part of the NBCUniversal Creator Accelerator program, the entrepreneur and performer is focused on growing her already enormous empire and, as ever, dating. Her brilliant rule of three encourages dating three people at once to boost confidence, and we can testify: It really works. Here, her favorite things, suitable for daters and nondaters alike.

  1. 1

    goop Double-Sided Wand Vibrator

    I’ve been masturbating since before I could even walk (what…you didn’t hump your coffee tables as a toddler?), so when it comes to vibrators, you bet I have opinions on my top picks. I love this one because it makes me have orgasms that give that scene in When Harry Met Sally a run for its money. You know the one. Let’s just say my future boyfriend has some strong shoes to fill.

    goop Wellness Double-Sided Wand Vibrator

    goop Wellness
    Double-Sided Wand Vibrator
    goop, $98


  2. 2

    GOOPGLOW Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser

    The fact that I’ve gone through two tubes of this tells you everything you need to know (trust me, empties are a rarity for me). Every time I wash my face with it, it’s like my skin has reached enlightenment and totally been reborn.

    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser

    goop Beauty
    GOOPGLOW Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser
    goop, $35/$25 with subscription


  3. 3

    Nue Boob Tape

    Queens don’t need wardrobe malfunctions—we need everything in place, so our minds can concentrate on ruling the world and nothing else.

  4. 4

    Freezing My Eggs

    Society loves to market single women as desperately searching for a partner, but has anyone considered that we’re busy chasing checks and not looking to settle for the bare minimum? While I want to have kids, I do not want to feel any pressure to follow a particular timeline, because I have an empire to run.

  5. 5

    STUDS Earrings

    When it comes to dating, sometimes you have to do it for the plot—step outside your comfort zone. Luckily for you, I designed a pair of earrings in collaboration with STUDS to help you do exactly that. The Max Pavé Hoop—which comes in both silver and gold—has a hidden message engraved on the inside: “Do it for the plot.” It’s a message from yourself, to yourself.

    Silver Max Pavé Hoop,, $54 for pair

    Silver Max Pavé Hoop
    STUDS, $54 (for a pair)


  6. 6

    Let’s Fucking Date Card Game

    I created this game in my living room during lockdown, after creating the first Instagram Live reality show, Let’s Fucking Date, where I went on virtual blind dates with 50 men in under a year. (Still proudly single!) The game is split up into four sections: First Base, Second Base, Third Base, and Home Run. The higher the base, the hotter the question. I wanted to make a game where people felt comfortable sharing their experiences, opinions, sexual preferences, and feelings, creating more opportunity for intimacy. (And the best sex of their lives, too, duh.)

    Lets Fucking Date Card Game,, $25

    Let’s Fucking Date
    Let’s Fucking Date Card Game
    Let’s Fucking Date, $25


  7. 7


    I know: another social media app? But what if I told you BeReal was the equivalent of having a photo diary? One photo a day to chronicle your life in a way that you never would on a more public-facing photo app.

  8. 8


    I have had my eye on this mirror for over a year. When it comes to your relationship with yourself, I created the SFK Mirror Challenge: I by no means created mirror affirmations, but I encourage my community to talk to themselves in the mirror the same way they would hype up a best friend. This is one of the tools that have given me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

  9. 9

    Heretic Dirty Suede

    If there’s one thing that you want to be known for, it’s how good you smell. A spritz of this will make anyone want to lean a little closer.

    Heretic Dirty Suede
              goop, $165

    Dirty Suede
    goop, $165


  10. 10

    Claimed Podcast

    I’ve been listening to the Claimed podcast by Anna Rova to help me unlock my feminine energy on my green AirPods Max (if I’m not blasting “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift).

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